Nano server nested VM will not start with VHDX generation 1

Is it a bug or is it by design? Maybe I do something wrong... Please let me know I will update the blog :-) I did the tests with nested VM’s! Ok than... I was testing some basis things with creating Nano server images. After creating the image with a VHDX file I created a new [...]

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DFS Namespace: Create folder structure

Hello everybody, I was looking for a solution to create a DFS namespace (DFSN) folder structure. This because I wanted to create a shares folder and in that folder my [...]

SQL Relocate / Move database files

Hello, This is not the most beautiful script I wrote, but functional it is J The script is tested on SQL 2014. So I'm not sure if it will work on other SQL [...]

Change Active Directory advanced security with PowerShell

It has been a while since my last post. So this is my first for 2016 J. I will show you how you can change the advanced security settings in Active Directory with [...]

Change ACL in the registry

Hi, everyone has to change an ACL ones in a time. This time it was in the registry. Let's start. Check if the PSdrive [...]

Compress all files in directory based on days months or years

Hi everyone, I needed a function that compresses all my files in a certain directory. So I created one instead of looking for one... This function is PowerShell 5 [...]

get-childitem Error: The specified path, file name, too long changing the acl.

Hello, Did you ever had the issue get-childitem : The specified path, file name, or both are too long when you are changing the acl of some files? I just had… Some [...]

vWorkspace Hyper-v with tiered storage pools – Part2

Hello again, It is time for the second part. Now I will help you to configure Hyper-v in your vWorkspace farm. I assume that you already have a functioning vWorkspace farm [...]

vWorkspace Hyper-v with tiered storage pools – Part1

Hi Everyone, In the next two blogs I will try to give you a guide for Hyper-v in vWorkspace. This setup will give us the advantage of tiered storage and hypercache. In this [...]

RemoteFX 3D video Adapter Grayed out

Is was playing with virtual GPU's on my hyper-v 2012 R2 server. Of course you need a physical GPU before you can add a vGPU! I wanted to add a vGPU to my VM but it was [...]

Remote Desktop Session Host RemoteFX enabled correctly

We have Remote Desktop Session Host farm (formal terminal server). And we had some issues with RemoteFX. We followed all the right instructions that could be found at: [...]