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Change ACL in the registry

Hi, everyone has to change an ACL ones in a time. This time it was in the registry. Let’s start. Check if the PSdrive exists:

Name                 Used (GB)          Free (GB)           Provider              Root —-                      ———                ———                ——–                 —- A                                                                                FileSystem              A:\ Alias                                                                          Alias C                         61.19                  138.71                FileSystem              C:\ cert                                                                            Certificate              \ D                                                                                FileSystem              D:\ […]

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Compress all files in directory based on days months or years

Hi everyone, I needed a function that compresses all my files in a certain directory. So I created one instead of looking for one… This function is PowerShell 5 only!


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Remote Desktop Session Host RemoteFX enabled correctly

We have Remote Desktop Session Host farm (formal terminal server). And we had some issues with RemoteFX. We followed all the right instructions that could be found at: But still RemoteFX was not working the way we think it should work! Basic steps to enable RemoteFX in you environment: Enable the GPO (see technet link) […]

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Windows 2012 (R2) Demote domain controller issue

Trying to demote a domain controller? You can do that with the following command:

If the server is also a DNS server you will properly facing an issue First you need to delete the DNS role

Reboot Now you can try to remove the domain controller:

Perhaps this is the next error […]