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Change FSMO roles with Powershell

I just added new domain controllers (2012 R2) to my domain. And was looking for powershell options to migrate my FSMO roles. Well here it is!

  Update: Perhaps you will receive the following error: Move-ADDirectoryServerOperationMasterRole : Access is denied At line:1 char:42 + Move-ADDirectoryServerOperationMasterRole <<<<  -Identity “DC02” -OperationMa sterRole PDCEmulator,RIDMaster,InfrastructureMaster,SchemaMaster,DomainNamingMa ster     + […]

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Sharepoint 2010 access denied after upgrade to claims based authentication

Hi all, We have two SharePoint 2010 environments in house. One without claims based authentication (old), and one with claims based authentication (new). After creating a backup and restored this backup (backup-spsite/restore-spsite commands) into the new environment we had issues logging in into the site. WHY?? Both SharePoint environments are in the same domain, so […]

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Sharepoint 2010 Mixed mode http and https

Hi, We just enabled the mixed mode in SharePoint. What does that mean? You can manage http and https in a single web application. The source I used: section: “Hosted named site collections and SSL” Powershell:

After enabling mixed mode, you can change every site collection you want.

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SharePoint 2010 multi tenancy -> People picker not working

Hi All, We build a SharePoint 2010 (foundation) multi-tenant environment. And we had some problems with the people picker. In our code we set the Set-SPSiteSubscriptionConfig -UserAccountDirectoryPath, but still the people picker would not work properly. Why?!!? After some digging into the farm settings my colleague found the solution. By entering the following powershell:


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IIS URL rewrite single site to HTTPS

It took a whill to find it… My goal was to redirect a specific url to https! I have one IIS site that has multiple urls. The IIS site has two bindings types *:80 and *:443, and the 443 binding contains a certificate for www.site1.ext. In the DNS I pointed multiple urls to that IIS […]

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Windows 8 and 2012 Administrative Templates (.admx)

Hi, You can download the Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 8 and 2012 How to update the existing admx files:– go to %windir% – rename PolicyDefinitions to – copy the PolicyDefinitions folder from the extracted download and copy it to the %windir%